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16th July 2024 

Psychotherapy and Counselling in SW London and Surrey


I believe that within each person is the ability to achieve their full potential, but sometimes life creates problems which put obstacles in the way of personal growth and change.

Sometimes things become difficult, leaving you feeling low, anxious or confused. Depression may deprive you of the enthusiasm and motivation to achieve a life that feels right for you. You may be struggling with relationships or work may be causing increasing stress. Past events may be affecting your life, however hard you have tried to put them behind you.

I offer an opportunity to both individuals and couples to work through your issues with the aim of enabling you to understand what is creating your difficulty, learn how to deal with things more effectively, enhance your life and live it more fully.

An initial session provides an opportunity to discuss your needs and to assess if I am the right person to help you. For therapy to work successfully it is important that we are able to form a good working relationship.


Sometimes intimate relationships enter phases where issues of conflict and/or stress become dominant. This may lead to arguments, breakdown in communication, resentment, anger and withdrawal of affection and physical intimacy. I work with couples to assist them to move out of the stuck patterns of relating and improve communication and intimacy in their relationship.

Sometimes a couple will have already decided that their differences are irreconcilable. Couples counselling can assist to improve communication to negotiate a more amicable separation.

If you would like further information please call me.


Individuals - £70 per session
Couples: - £85 per session
Supervision: - £70 per session

(Each session is 1 hour unless agreed otherwise)